Avaya Reiki provides in depth Reiki training, courses and resources via online learning and Reiki courses in London.

Reiki Courses for self care, personal development and transformation

Hi, my name is Alma, I’m a Reiki Master and the owner of Avaya Reiki. I have been walking the spiritual path for over 15 years and with my work, I support clients and Reiki practitioners from all over the world to connect with Reiki at a deeper spiritual level through Reiki courses I organise online and in London, mentoring, coaching and Reiki healing sessions.

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I write regularly on the blog articles, resources and information about Reiki, Crystals, energy healing and spirituality that will help you in your path to spiritual wellbeing.

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To enquire, to book a course or a healing session, please contact me at info@avayareiki.com